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About Us

Experience You Can Count On

BlueMATCH Global brings knowledge and expertise to the growing world of technology innovation and implementation.  Internationally, we have over 20 years experience in complicated technology-based solutions in both commercial and government sectors.  

Having worked globally, from the UK, Europe, The Americas, Middle East and Asia, we have a unique understanding of the respective cultures, business practices and routes to success.

We believe in mutual collaboration where each organisation bring their individual strengths to create a powerful and winning team.

Our services are bespoke to each customer requirement could include:

*  Consultation services - telephone, web-based video conference and in person as appropriate.

*  Customer engagement - attending and representing our business together.

*  Customer requirements - multi-source assessment of formal and implied business drivers.

*  Business build - developing of internal strategy.

*  Marketplace analysis - critical analysis of competitive landscape and potential win themes.

*  Collaboration - research and engagement with potential partners.

*  Campaign support - direct activity to optimise plans, schedules and cost models.

*  Journal and press submissions - research and development of articles.

We will operate in your business style or, if preferable, we also offer  a suite of products that will come under an independent BlueMATCH Global banner.